I have had the pleasure of working with Doneen as a long-term client of both The BodyTalk System and Reconnective Healing following complex neurological trauma. She always brings a warm, encouraging presence and caring curiosity to her work – holding space for the many shifts, discoveries, and letting go that accompany the process of healing.  I find her compliment of tools from BodyTalk and Reconnective Healing not only effective but also educational – it’s not passive therapy – its facilitating deep learning and growing.

J.B., Victoria BC

Doneen is amazing with her lymph work, as an experienced Practitioner, I felt safe, loved and genuinely cared for. Her touch is intuitive and quick to responding to your body’s own letting go. Inspirational, I am still feeling the love and the flow, thanks for the amazing bodywork love you so much Doneen!

– Laura, Smithers BC

I have recently experienced The Reconnection with Doneen. As a practitioner myself, I am very discerning about who I work with for healing, nurturing and regeneration. From the moment I discovered Doneen, I knew we would be doing significant work together. She combines a very rare combination of professionalism with the powerful ability to truly heal. Since my time with Doneen, I can feel a change in my work and my complete being.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Doneen.

 – Casey, Victoria BC

My first BodyTalk session with Doneen was an extraordinary event. I had been in a biking accident two days prior yet still decided to keep the session. My intention was to use this as a stepping stone in healing from the week’s traumatic event. And that was exactly what I got – A huge leap of self-awareness, trust in my body, and physical release of pain. I especially enjoyed (and probably most needed at the time) the head to heart tapping and the connection that I felt between various body parts that I hadn’t been aware of for a long time.

To me, this particular Body Talk session was both calming and highly informative. I’m sure that there is a lot more to explore in this matter and I look forward to attending Doneen’s workshops and clinics and learning more about this intuitive modality!

 – Ivana, Victoria BC

Doneen is incredible in helping others heal…not only does BodyTalk offer a lot, but so does Reconnective Healing. I always feel like I am back in my heart center when I receive sessions from Doneen. I feel grounded, relaxed, and things make more sense. I recommend Doneen to anyone who is ready to shift and ready to let go of what no longer serves them!

 – Cassandra, Calgary AB

I had a Body Talk session with Doneen with no idea what BodyTalk was about at all. She is very respectful and I found myself at ease very quickly. Again, I had no idea what Body Talk was about – so imagine my surprise when emotional blockages were released. I left my session feeling very calm – at peace. I will be going back.

 – Erika, Shirley BC

I had my first ever BodyTalk session with Doneen and I absolutely loved it. I arrived at my session feeling frazzled and scattered but was calm, grounded and relaxed upon leaving. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt and how much I learned about myself in such a short period of time. Doneen’s compassionate, soothing and intuitive nature is an absolute delight to be around. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

 – Trisha, Sooke BC

Doneen is a wonderful intuitive healer and energy worker. Her BodyTalk practice is, as witnessed by others here, a marvellous extension of her talents. She also does Reconnective Healing and I can attest to its efficacy and power. I experienced fascinating and profound effects in my Reconnective Healing sessions and I highly recommend this to others.

 – Pati, Victoria BC

I received my first ever distance BodyTalk session with Doneen on Sept. 23rd which was a sad day for me as it was my deceased hubby’s birthday. After receiving BodyTalk via distance I felt so in tune with myself that I realized that although I felt so sad, I felt good about my sadness, I am an emotional being, all my emotions are allowed. Thank you Doneen.

 – Maureen, Lillooet, BC

Doneen, I sincerely appreciate all the time you have spent guiding me in the right direction, you have truly made a difference in my life and I will never forget that!

 – Kristin, Victoria BC