Distance Sessions are for individuals and groups who are unable to attend in person due to logistical barriers, time constraints or physical restrictions. These sessions are equally as effective as receiving an in person session and highly convenient as they can be received from any where in the world, in the comfort of your own home, while at work or out for a forest stroll.


Within in each session, I use a combination of energetic therapies including BodyTalk principles, emotional release techniques and lymphatic drainage.

What do I need to do before my first Distance session?

  • Complete an intake and liability form that I email to you
  • Email me a photo of yourself, family member or pet
  • Provide your chosen method of receiving your session

How do I receive my session?

  • Voice recording of your session sent to you via email or,
  • One on one over the phone or,
  • One on one via skype

Depending on what feels best for you and how you choose to receive your session will determine your logistics. If you’d prefer not to be tied down by a specific time I recommend the voice recording. I complete the session at the time you choose and email it to you immediately afterward.  You can then listen to your session at your leisure. This format is also recommended for children and pets.

If you’d prefer a more interactive session and would like to take some relaxation time for yourself, I recommend the one on one via the phone or Skype.

What’s a Group Distance Session?

Anytime people come together for a specific purpose, goal or cause, a group ‘matrix’ is formed. When conflict arises within the group matrix, a group distance session can aid in developing a unified energy that will enable it to function more efficiently and resolve conflict. For example, groups may include :

  • Family
  • Sports Clubs or Teams
  • Businesses
  • Work teams in organizations

For more information on how distance sessions work, check out my blog: Healing from a Distance – How does it work?

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I received my first ever distance BodyTalk session with Doneen on Sept. 23rd which was a sad day for me as it was my deceased hubby’s birthday. After receiving BodyTalk via distance I felt so in tune with myself that I realized that although I felt so sad, I felt good about my sadness, I am an emotional being, all my emotions are allowed. Thank you Doneen.  -Maureen, Lilloet BC