With a background in Biology and a deep curiosity for our relationship with the earth and our surrounding environment, Doneen provides a safe and empowering space for individuals to move through personal barriers and discover their untapped healing potential.

As an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, Doneen specializes in supporting individuals overcome limitations in moving forward using energetic therapies as well as Lymphatic Drainage to move the stories of the past and create flow to areas in your life that feel stuck.

My Story
Doneen Cancer_1 edited

Shortly after my 25th birthday I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and given 3 days to live. Leading up to this pivotal moment in my life, I had been experiencing extreme fatigue and fighting a flu that wouldn’t go away. At first I was diagnosed with pneumonia but shortly thereafter, blood tests confirmed, followed by a bone marrow biopsy, that I was presenting with AML.

I spent the first 2 weeks in ICU, unconscious and hooked up to a breathing machine.  In order to keep myself safe and comfortable, drugs were administered to create a state of paralysis. Even though I was unconscious and unable to move my physical body, I was very active within.

Thoughts, emotions and dreamlike experiences happened as though they were real

When the drugs were halted and the breathing tube was removed, I became fully conscious. At first, I was unable to distinguish what was real and what wasn’t – I felt like I had witnessed two worlds, two states of consciousness. It was then I realized I had passed a point of no return and life as I had always known it ceased to exist.

Moving forward, I would be experiencing the world from a whole new set of lenses

Doneen Cancer_2 editedI had spent enough time in ICU that my muscles had almost diminished, requiring me to learn how to walk again, sit up, and roll over. I ‘graduated’ from ICU to the Leukemia ward at Vancouver General Hospital, which became my new home on and off over the next year.

Although I had spent an entire year in and out of the hospital receiving chemotherapy, blood transfusions and biopsies, every day was a miracle to me, just to be alive.

After cancer, I wasn’t prepared for the challenges that lay ahead and found myself struggling to accept the new me.  Where do I go from here?

This was a wake up call

With western medicine not able to offer the support I needed, I spent 10 years exploring alternative therapies. I discovered BodyTalk in 2012 through a recommendation from my acupuncturist. I had my first session and instantly knew that I had found a healthcare model that incorporated my guiding principles: non-invasive, gentle, and highly effective.

With help from alternative health care modalities, I learned to accept and hone my new sensory ‘abilities’ as well as release many self limiting attitudes that were preventing me from moving my story forward. In that time, I did not realize that I was setting myself up for a career in this very field of holistic healthcare – funny how that works.

Today, I am a healthy and vibrant woman who can happily focus on the joy that life has to offer

It’s my belief that the human experience is like a heartbeat, a rhythm of ups and downs that allow for the experience of healing and growth – without them, it’s almost like we are flat-lined. It’s normal to have ups and downs – neither one is good nor bad.

I love this work, it’s my passion!

I am dedicated to supporting others through their wellness challenges, from past traumatic events or just life in general. I have witnessed transformations in just one to  three sessions. I truly believe in the power of self healing.

Would you like to connect?

I’d love to help you uncover the wisdom of your own body. Please contact me anytime and share your story, I’d love to hear from you!

Doneen ღ